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Our Philosophy

Two guys standing on the pierCentaine Support Services Inc. is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in the delivery of quality services to adults with developmental disabilities, children/youth with complex health needs, their families, friends, and other networks of support. We will listen to and learn from the individuals and their families who access our services and facilitate an environment that is safe, respectful, professional, supportive and engaging to the individual, their personal support networks and Centaine Support Service’s employees.

  • We believe that the individuals we support are citizens with abilities, strengths and capabilities, as well as a range of emotional, behavioural, medical or physical needs.  As citizens they are entitled to the rights, responsibilities and opportunities enjoyed by all citizens including the right to lead normal, healthy, quality lives.
  • We will strive to facilitate experiences and opportunities for the persons we serve to lead independent and healthy lives and will facilitate support with health, communication, work, lifelong learning, and other services to help that happen.
  • We recognize and value the role that a network of families and friends have in the lives of persons with disabilities and we support and encourage these networks of nurturing relationships, in order to enhance the quality of life of the individuals we support.  When necessary, we will advocate with and for the persons we serve, to protect their rights, choices and achievements.
  • We believe that community inclusion and participation is essential to provide individuals with opportunities to develop and maintain meaningful relationships, make choices about how they live their lives and reach their full potential and independence.
  • Ethical standards guide all of Centaine Support Services Inc’s activities and operations. We are committed to being professional, accountable, and responsive to the individuals who access our services, our employees and to our community partners.
  • We strive to ensure sustainability through stewardship and accountable resource use.


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